Cruising the Andaman Islands: Langkawi to Phuket

The less dramatic version of, "I'm King of the World!"

One of the options of getting from Langkawi to as far as Phuket, in one day, is by high-speed ferry. This window of opportunity is only available from about late October-early November to late April-mid May, due to seasonal winds and waves. I’d seen the service advertised but couldn’t quite source the precise information, so […]

Langkawi Wet Markets

Tour guide Abidin Hussin, my wet market guru.

Unless you’re a cruising sailor and well versed in Southeast Asian produce or have some previous island life experience; shopping for food on some islands can sometimes be challenging. Learning about local produce and their uses is a cultural experience you simply don’t get from a book, so the reward for your efforts can bring […]

Recycling in Langkawi


Langkawi being an island with over a million visitors each year, waste management becomes increasingly problematic. In addition to the abundance of plastic bags and styrofoam containers used on a daily basis, the rubbish just stacks up.  What to do? Landfills and incinerators are a solution. However, the long term answer for the majority of […]

Oriental Village, Langkawi’s ‘Magic’ Kingdom


I recently read a BLOG that compared Oriental Village to Disneyland, but not really in a flattering way. It seemed offensive to me, because I’ve always enjoyed the ‘village’. I’ve usually been there with friends or a group and that often makes these kinds of outings more festive, so maybe I missed something. So I […]

Tubotel? Don’t Be Square Lah!


Tubotel is located just north of Pantai Cenang out on the base of the breakwater for the Langkawi Lagoon. The original Boat Quay building is still there but simply renovated to offer the budget traveler a comfortable and welcoming environment. It’s also within walking distance of Pantai Cenang across the river bridge and through the […]